It could hardly be more efficient: select PDF files to be checked or drag and drop them into 3CPDF , then just clic on “Check” or “Check and correct”. Within seconds, 3CPDF creates meaningful, easy-to-understand and explanatory error and correction reports. These and the corrected PDF files can be downloaded with a single click or sent by e-mail – to customers, for example. Now it’s up to them to decide whether the corrections made by 3CPDF are approved for printing. In short, 3CPDF makes it easier and more efficient than ever to eliminate surprises in printing.

In addition to the Ghent Workgroup recommendation and PDF/X-ready, additional production-related checks and corrections have been implemented.

The unique app offers flexible options for personalization – from the design of the error and correction reports to the settings in the web-based back end and the addition of individual features.3CPDF is backed by more than 20 years of practical expertise, with currently almost 50 million PDF files checked and corrected.The app, which was developed by the 3CPDF development team, is constantly being enhanced and updated free of charge, and will therefore continue to take into account all errors that PDF print files may contain. Customers use 3CPDF as part of a monthly cancelable subscription model that includes regular free updates.

1. Upload pdf

2. 3Cpdf checks the pdf and creates a report

3. 3Cpdf creates your new print ready pdf for downloading.


It has never been so easy to create perfect print PDF files

3CPDF is an app that is operating system, browser and platform independent. Your PDF files are not processed on your system, but in AWS (Amazon Web Services). Your data is temporarily stored in AWS for a maximum of 2 hours and then deleted. You can speed up the deletion process by downloading your corrected PDF file.

3CPDF will delight you with its charmingly simple and intuitive operation. The proofing and correction report information will make you feel safe when sharing your print data.

3CPDF can check and correct your PDF files for digital, offset, newspaper or large format printing.

3CPDF combines over 20 years of expertise in the printing industry with the recommendations of the Ghent Workgroup and PDF/X-ready.

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