Plug & Play-solution by 3C DIGITAL


for copy stores, advertising/media agencies, marketing departments, in-house printers, publishers, universities and other places where a lot of printing is done! Checking and correcting PDF print data is now easier and more efficient than ever before. With the 3CPDF TOWER from 3C DIGITAL.

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Plug & Play- Complete solution

The 3CPDF TOWER developed by 3C DIGITAL is a complete turnkey solution with an attractive, ergonomic design. It comes with everything you need for offline checking and correction of PDF print data: a USB slot for reading in the print data and a powerful TERRA PC from the German IT company Wortmann AG, on which the 3CPDF 3-click solution is already installed.

Unpack 3CPDF TOWER, connect it to a power supply and switch it on – and you’re ready to start checking and correcting PDF print data. Gone are the days when incorrectly created print data paralyzed your operation.
Would you like an individual design for your 3CPDF TOWER? Please contact us: We will gladly orient the design to your CI and/or CD.

Uniquely easy to use 3CPDF’s error and correction reports tell you what to do in simple terms. The same applies to the intuitive user interface. It guides you safely to your goal in PDF preflighting and PDF correction.

Flexible 3CPDF takes into account the recommendations of The Ghent Workgroup and PDF/X-ready. And also performs additional production-specific checks and corrections. For example, add bleed (bleed allowance) or rasterize PDF files.

Always up to date 3CPDF is permanently updated. This prevents previously unknown errors from creeping into PDF print data via new software releases for, among other things, design & layout, image processing and color management.

1. insert USB stick

2. drag PDF file to be checked into 3CPDF

3. now click on “Check” or “Check and correct”.

Only a few seconds later, download the check and correction report and the corrected PDF print file to the USB stick. With just one more click.

That’s it.

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